Hi, Nina here. I am an engineer and a mixed media artificer.

Personal projects

RoseumTeam Webtoon - comics I make Tech and Blood - a short visual novel for O2A2 jam Flourish PC - austere-setting personal computing Chip Scavenger - notes on recovering chips from e-waste Small projects (including DIY tape and floppy disk)


Empathy and efficiency in hard conversations Emergency Kit Mk3 Emergency Kit Mk2


You can find the music I make on streaming services (use the search function, duh!), or download here. 愛をころし - Ai Wo Koroshi (2022 single) Kill My Love (2020 single) Lie about it (2019 single) Chipped soul V1 (2019 EP)


LinkedIn CV Mastodon Photo blog of England (telegram) Music demos on SoundCloud Spotify music